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Pegasus has shaped many projects and its most prioritized recent projects are as underneath.

Online Radio website

User can listen streaming radio from this site.Entire site managed from the admin section.

  • General User : Can listen radio, read textual content from the website, write down their own comment, Post blog, upload their picture and profile
  • Administrative User : Can view comments of all user for a specific blog
Here, we used streaming server for the online radio station

Online News website
  • This site is for a online multilingual news channel
  • User can blog in this site using different local language
  • Entire site is controlled by admin user
  • There is also other two types of user
    • General User
    • Editor
  • In this project we used cloud server to save data
Online Magazine Library

  • User can browse through different issue of the magazine uploaded here
  • Can discuss about books using a blog
  • Also can apply online to lend an actual copy of the issue

  • Administrator can upload scanned copy of a magazine, data related to each copy of the issue
  • Manage general library operations through online
  • Supervise entire website from an easy to use control panel
UPS , Fedex and USPS integration

UPS, Fedex  and USPS provide their shipping rate chart in XML format. We  integrate this XML with different web and desktop application.

Transport Management System

As we know Consignment Note is the major part for transport management system, using this application user can store all the information related to transport system. User can calculate total amount payable by their client, No. of packets, total weight transfer through their company user wise.

In this project we  used Crystal report for reporting purpose.
Data base is SQL Server 2005.
ASP.Net technology.

Marketing Management System
this project developed based on .Net technology , MS Access as database, Crystal Report as reporting tools.
Using this software:
  • user can store the information of their customer and employee details
  • Which sales man is allocated for which customer
  • Which technicians is allocated for which customer
Valuation Management System
This project is developed for valuation purpose. There are  5 major module
  • Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Machinery And Equipments
  • Borrowing Base
  • Enterprise Valuation
This project developed based on ,SQL Srver 200 and crystal report 11.
Using this project user can upload their excel file with specified format. Then we process that file through our web based application then we send result to user in report format.
Here user can generate their customized report through our interface.

This project is mainly developed for handle following details :
  • Library book details
  • Student details
  • Employee details
  • Course details
  • Administration part

    This project was developed based on ASP.Net as technology with C# programming language and SQL Server 2005 as Database.

Online Exam portal

  • Distance tutoring
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Teacher/Student Login
  • Schedule details
  • Upload study materials
  • Set test paper
  • Secure online examination system
  • Result at real time

Online e-commerce portal

An online e-commerce portal based on cash on delivery system. This portal has following features :

  • User can upload any types of products details using admin section
  • Multi currency and multi location product upload system
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Integrated blog management system
  • Integrated Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communication system
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--- Swami Vivekananda, an Indian Hindu Monk and philosopher
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